Anaisabel is a multidisciplinary artist, born in Colombia and currently based in Europe. She is an award-winning actress, creative producer and storyteller whose artistic journey began at an early age. At 5 years old, singing and dancing brought her to the stage, where she was embraced by the wonderful theatre community that would become her home for many years to come. She pursued her studies in Drama and Sociology in New York, and upon graduation, moved to Los Angeles where she worked as an actress in film, TV, and commercials. During this time, she became passionate about environmental activism and was certified as Permaculture designer, while she continued to develop her writing skills with the vision to share a message of beauty and hope through her narratives. It was one of her projects that led her back to her native country where she joined the team of a documentary film that would be used as legal evidence in a case that was presented before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. This work reaffirmed to her the transcendental power of storytelling.

Anais is now developing her stories into films, curated exhibitions, photo essays, and conscious gatherings from a feminist perspective and with a wholistic approach.